Rising out of the Darkness

Our Mission

“Addiction” is quickly moving away from the stigma that has been attached to it in the past and is more widely being recognised as a disease. Unfortunately some still view addiction as a weakness of character and a moral failure. The team at Bravura understand this to be an uninformed opinion and are dedicated to challenging this belief.

The field of addiction and mental health is ever growing. Our collective experience and training has helped us identify a grave flaw in current treatment programmes, which is the troubling lack of personalised treatment care. We believe that recovery should be as unique as the individual seeking it. Granted, there are approaches and methods which have been proven to be more successful than others, like the 12 steps.


Nevertheless this in itself is insufficient in dealing with the growing number of dual diagnosis clients who suffer from a myriad of mental health concerns, for example the disease of addiction as well as personality and mood disorders.


We at Bravura pride ourselves on individual attention and tailor made treatment programmes. Our aim is to provide pre and post residential treatment care which appreciates the uniqueness of the individual.


We strive to offer a caring and safe environment that provides 24/7 support to the client in crisis.


Aftercare is essential because many clients often lack these essential coping mechanisms and life skills even after being in residential treatment centres. The unique nature of addiction calls for aftercare programmes which provide an opportunity for clients to acquire these skills. We focus on treating the emotional and psychological problems of the client as well as facilitating the process of growth into a healthy lifestyle.


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